Just made my regular supply of CCF tea – 30g coriander, 30g fennel & 15g cumin – shake up seeds and then take 1 teaspoon in boiling water let steep for about 5-10 minutes take after eating or between meals – this helps with wind and bloating. It helps to increase Agni (digestive fire) without inflaming the pitta Dosha. Coriander is good for dyspepsia & antispasmodic, urinary system problems and is cooling for fever from heat stroke. Cumin rekindles digestion and digests toxins in the body and alleviates vomiting, galactagogue (increases mothers milk) – good for gurgling, bloating & colic pain. Fennel – it is good for colic, irritable bowel, absorption and diarrhoea. Fennel is also good for digestion (and cooling) and great for woman in menopause. #ayurveda #digestion #bloating

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