Ghee is an oil, it can bond with lipid-soluble nutrients and herbs to penetrate the lipid-based cell walls in the body. It increases the potency of some herbs (carrying them) to the interior of the cells where they give the most benefit.

It acts as a preservative and does not spoil easily and preserves the freshness and potency of herbs and foods. There is no need to refrigerate it.

Ghee helps digestion by balancing excess stomach acid, and helps to maintain/repair it’s mucus lining.

Helps with mild burns preventing blisters and scarring if applied quickly to affected skin.
The mind also benefits from the intake of ghee it promotes the 3 functioning aspects – learning, memory and recall.
Ghee improves intelligence, memory, ingenuity, keenness of digestion, long life, semen (sexual vigour) and eyesight.
It is good for children, the aged, those who desire more children, keeping the body supple and a pleasant voice and much more.

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