Ojas – means strength/vigour/energy/power. It is the essence that is converted from pure sattwic food we consume which becomes our body tissues. In ayurveda we call these tissues dhatus which are Rasa (plasma), Rakta (blood), Mamsa (muscle), Asthi (bone) Medas (fat), Majja (marrow), Shukra (reproductive fluid) – Ojas. Ojas is located in the heart (Para ojas – 8 drops) and is all over the body (Apara ojas) and is responsible for good health and nourishing the whole body and mind. Ojas can be in excess or decreased which is a discussion for another time. When a person has good ojas he or she will have a radiant beautiful complexion, eyes that sparkle, clear mind, is rarely sick, feels rested, good digestion, the tongue is a healthy color, good physical strength, feels light, full of energy, balanced and centred.

A good supplement to take to increase ojas is ghee dates.


14 dates, pour 250mls ghee over them with fresh ginger, fennel & cumin seeds – let sit for 10 days then consume 1 date per day.

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