Ayurvedic Initial Consult – Complete Health Assessment1hr 30m$120

In person or online consultations – includes a health assessment – specific questions and physical examinations such as pulse, tongue, eye analysis to determine your constitution (prakruti) – vata/pitta/kapha and imbalance (vikruti) – to be able to establish the correct treatment/s. Treatment plans emailed after consultation. Fantastic for getting onto a healthy path, to come back into balance. To manage chronic conditions and to create a healthy lifestyle that will bring many benefits. The health plan can be picked up or emailed later.

Ayurvedic Follow-up Consult30m$60

In person or online – follow-up to the initial consultation and ongoing treatment plan – giving support and further development to long term plan and updating treatments. Long/short term treatment. Getting onto a healthy path takes time – step by step and it helps to have support and guidance to get onto a path to create balance and harmony for yourself.

Herbal Medicine Initial Consult1hr 30m$120

In person or online – herbal medicine consultation involves complete health assessment taking health history, iridology etc.. and takes around 1 hour to complete – advice for diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine and supplementary recommendations can be done on the day or picked up or emailed later. Utilising all ayurvedic diet and lifestyle but with a main emphasis on bringing herbal medicine into the consult, thorough consultation to get to the root cause of the matter and be prescribed herbal medicine specific for your condition. Western herbs and Ayurvedic herbs whichever are the most suitable. Western herbal tincture medicine mix and Ayurvedic herbal churna (powder) mix.

Herbal Medicine Follow-up Consult30m$60

In person or online – follow-up natural therapies consultation after initial consultation. Long/short term treatment plan & support. To assess any changes that need to be made in lifestyle and herbal medicines and continual lifestyle support to gradually make changes. Western herbal medicine mixes and Ayurvedic churna (powder) mixes.

Mini Herbal Medicine/Repeat Herbal Consult
Repeat Herbals (with no consult)
$10 + Herbal

In person or online – mini consultations are for people who want herbal mixes without having a full initial consultation. Western herbal medicine mix (tinctures) and Ayurvedic herbal churnas (powered herbal medicine).

Flower Essence Readings + Flower Essence Mix1hr$90 (Mix included)

Flower essence readings, choosing 5 – 8 flower cards intuitively that represent each individual flower essence remedy to create a synergy mix to treat the underlying causes of imbalances – treats physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Fantastic for working on underlying issues.