“I first attended one of Kali’s yoga classes many years ago and knew then I had found the right yoga practice for me, through her gentle guidance with postures, breathing and yoga nidra and her incorporation of yoga philosophy in the practice, it was an enriching experience. 

I regard Kali as a teacher and a friend. She imparts her knowledge freely in all aspects of yoga in her classes, which flow beautifully and are inclusive and supportive. I always leave Kali’s class feeling uplifted, revitalised and relaxed in mind, spirit and body and usually learn something about myself along the way. 

In her Ayurveda practice Kali is dedicated and intuitive in prescribing beneficial treatments. I have had shoulder and back massages using herbs, heat and warming oils for various problems which, given by Kali in her calm and nurturing way provided a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being and helped in the relief of pain at the time.”  

Susan H. (Retired Hospital Administrator)

“I met Kali 3 years ago (2018) when I was looking for a yoga class and I had discovered Kali’s class. I loved it from the beginning as Kali made me feel welcomed from the very beginning. 

I found out that Kali is a herbalist  and  Ayurveda practitioner. So, I had decided to ask Kali for a consultation as I was going through menopause and was needing a little help to cope with the symptoms. At first, I was a little sceptical, but my doubt was quickly erased as after a thorough consultation, Kali kindly explained to me how the herbs are going to help me and how much better I am going to feel. After a few weeks on the treatment recommended by Kali, all my symptoms have disappeared and everything returned to normal.

After this experience, when my husband had an anxiety attack and was in need of quick expert advice, I knew who to call. Kali sensed the urgency and made it possible for my husband to see her on an emergency basis. Calling Kali turned out to be the best choice because, even after 6 months, my husband has not had any more anxiety attacks.

I cannot express it in words how much Kali has helped me and my family. I would recommend her to anyone with all my heart, as I know that people would get the real help that they need.” 

Corina M.  (Beauty & Massage Therapist)

“Kali is a dedicated, inspiring yoga teacher. She has been a strong influence in my yoga practice having taught me through her integral yoga technique over a number of years. Kali’s yoga studio is quiet, comfortable and central to Fremantle. Her style of teaching has always been gentle but strong, encouraging individual progress at one’s own pace. I particularly love her Yoga Nigra classes. I can highly recommend Kali’s yoga studio.”

Sally S. (Artist & Teacher)     


“Kali is a natural born healer and teacher. Her lifelong studies in natural medicine and yoga, makes it simple to follow, for all those she inspires to heal and teach. With an exemplary practical understanding of the physical body, she combines and presents her unique gifts in a modern versatile style. Walking the path of a Yogi, Kali assumes leadership modestly and easily, holding the flame of universal light worker, Kali is one of life’s treasures.”

Diana Kelberry. (Midwife & Civil Celebrant)

“I attended Kali for treatment of severe lower back pain and a shooting pain down my left leg.  From application of the first hot oil the pain in my back eased and my leg was soothed. After several treatments my back and leg are back to normal and I’m feeling great.  After the hot oil treatment Kali gave a superb massage, leaving one relaxed and ready to float away, but only after a moment of utter decadence when Kali washed my feet in lavender water. Does life get any better?” 

James S. (Retired Engineer)