What to Expect

Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicine Initial Consults

Conducted in private office in the yoga studio. Ayurvedic consultations involve, asking questions, observing the person – such as skin, nails, hair, the temperature of the skin. Physical examinations of the eyes the markings, similar to iridology and examining the tongue and its markings and feeling the pulse to determine the rhythm, pace, strength of the pulse to get a deeper understanding of the persons constitution and examining the body when there is a need to. The whole consultation is to find out what the persons’ constitution (prakriti) is and what imbalances (vikruti) the person has.
Finding out if there is Ama (toxins) and the state of the Agni (digestive fire).
Once the the persons’ constitution and imbalances are determined then ayurvedic treatments, diet, routines and herbal medicines can be recommended. These are very simple and easy to do but effective. Recommendations that can help to improve and manage all kinds of health conditions and also for people who are healthy to keep improving the health. Ayurveda is suitable for everyone in these modern difficult times. The practises can be applied to everyone slowly introducing things that are easy/doable and in harmony with the persons lifestyle.
The consultation takes 1 to 1.5 hours. Then 30 minutes for a treatment plan which is then emailed to the person after their consultation or they can pick it up later. If there are any questions after the consultation it is recommended to call and discuss.

Follow-up – is for making adjustments to treatments and giving support on your journey.

Herbal medicine – consult are slightly different – more the western approach with diet such as bringing in a balanced diet, utilising the food groups, supplements, lifestyle recommendations and utilising iridology, herbal medicine and flower essences.

Massage/Heat/Oil Treatments and Reiki

Treatment room is in private home yoga studio loft (no classes are on during treatments) very private with large comfortable massage table. Heating and cooling. Lots of towels and covers provided for comfort and nurturing. Lovely essential oils burning and relaxation music in the background. There is a treatment table with a portable gas stove and double boiler to heat up the poultices for the heat treatments and oil for the oil treatments and warm oil for massage.

A mini consult is done before a treatment to establish what kind of treatment is to be done as things change from day to day, that is not included in the treatment time, it is an extra service I offer.

The time for each treatment includes time for undressing and dressing.

Yoga Classes

In a lovely private home studio upstairs loft – small groups – specialising in Satyananda style yoga practises – for general yoga classes – a class consists of shavasana, postures, breathing, mudras (usually hand positions) and bandhas (physical locks such as perineum lift or abdominal lock etc) lying down relaxations called Yoga Nidra (guided creative visualisation and breathing practises) meditation practises such as chanting (om chanting, so-ham breath meditation or inner silence practises).  The classes range from 1 hour to 90 minutes.  Classes are inclusive/welcoming, friendly and trauma sensitive.

Yoga nidra classes – lying down deep relaxation practise for 30 – 45 minutes. Sometimes postures or chanting are done beforehand.

Flower Essence Readings

Starting off by bringing to mind whatever it is that you want to work on or you can focus on letting the intuition guide you with whatever is for your highest good without any specific issue in mind.

There is a deck of flower essence cards with the pictures of the native West Australian wild flowers on it.

Each card is sorted into 3 piles once looked at to become aware of the emotional response to the card and put into a pile – negative emotional response pile – positive emotional response pile – indifferent emotional response pile.

Then the indifferent pile is put aside and the positive cards are gone through until there are only a few chosen. The negative pile is gone through until there is only a few there.

Usually there will be 5 – 8 core cards chosen altogether. These represent the flower essence.

The negative response to a flower is issues that we are unaware of and the positive response is the issues that we are aware of.

Then the dosages of the flower essences are chosen from 1 drop to 60+ drops – going from subtle to a gross response in the body (for example; 1 drop is subtle – maybe a psychic response to a situation or issue or dosage of 60+ drops which is gross maybe a physical injury in the body).

Then a flower essence mix is made up of the remedies that have been chosen intuitively with different dosages for each essence and is mixed with a dash of brandy (or without if the person does not want alcohol in the mix) and purified water in a dropper bottle.

The essence can be taken in different ways – eg., twice daily 6 drops morning and night or 1 drop on the tongue throughout the day if it is an intense issue. The essence can also be carried around as a talisman to help with a particular issue.

Flower essences help to overcome perceived/real and physical difficulties in life.