In Ayurveda we recommend a daily routine to nourish the whole being to bring yourself into balance, part of this daily routine is doing exercise that suits the constitution (Prakriti) we have humours called vata pitta and kapha doshas (tridoshas (three doshas) are energetic forces that influence us and nature). The doshas can get out of balance due to our lifestyle, the way we think and the seasons – so putting in place a daily routine that nourishes us helps to combat this. Part of my daily routine is to walk down the beach or in nature not only is it great exercise it helps to connect to the elements of the doshas. All the doshas are made up of elements Vata (air & space), Pitta (water & fire) Kapha (earth & water) – the beach nourishes all the elements – walking in the sand EARTH the ocean WATER sun FIRE sea breeze AIR the uplifting feeling of the natural setting ETHER (SPACE) balances the doshas in good weather. If it is cold and windy or extremely hot it can aggravate the doshas, but in great weather where it is not too hot, cold or windy it is very balancing to the whole being.

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